The Medical Billing & Reimbursement Expert
Welcome to The Dawson Group, where we utilize the latest electronic medical billing techniques to ensure the highest return in the Medical Billing and Reimbursement industry. With extensive experience in the field, The Dawson Group helps optimize the business, while our clients focus on what matters most - patient care.

Are you, your staff, or medical billing company currently billing electronically?

The Dawson Group can show you just how easily you can increase revenue and productivity, simply by going electronic. Learn more about our electronic billing.

Is your current medical billing situation simply getting claims out the door incorrectly or without follow-up?

The Dawson Group specializes in getting the claims out the door correctly the first time and working all appeals accurately and immediately. With our efficient claims follow up, nothing gets left behind.

Are all charges for medical services being captured and billed?

The Dawson Group will work with you to make sure all charges are accounted for via log verification and reporting.

The Dawson Group can help!

Some of our many services include:

We provide unparalleled efficiency to our customers when it comes to electronic medical billing and claims follow-up.

Our specialists aggressively follow up with insurance carriers' and patients' outstanding balances - so you don't have to. Learn More.